The Ultimate Blockchain Playlist for Your Summer Travels and Commute

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More and more financial services are looking to blockchain technology to transform aspects of their business, including clearing and settlement, payments, and identity verification, to name but a few.

Given its application to such a variety of areas of financial services, blockchain will be a hot topic at LendIt Fintech Europe 2018, taking place in London on November 19-20. With a dedicated blockchain track, attendees will gain exclusive insights into how financial institutions are moving forward with blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies.

Download the attendee brochure here for more information.

We’ve put together this playlist of blockchain presentations from the recent LendIt Fintech USA 2018 for you to listen to during your summer travels or commute. We hope it whets your appetite for the upcoming European edition!

1) Foundations of Crypto Capitalism

In this presentation, Tom Ding of DFINITY & String Labs explores how cryptocurrencies are transforming our society, in the concept that he coins “crypto capitalism.” Bitcoin is forcing us to rethink the meaning of money, and crypto is becoming a way of thinking.

2) Online Economies

In this presentation, Eyal Hertzog of Bancor examines the concept of the new online economy, where thousands of companies work on an integrated database, not owned by any single entity. This decentralization is inherently disruptive, and digital currency is the basis of the new online economy. 

3) Making Cryptocurrency as Easy to Use as the Cash in Your Wallet

In this presentation, Azat Nugumanov of Paygine looks at how an open financial platform will transform cryptocurrency adoption for businesses. Total cryptocurrencies market capitalization is over $400 bl, but there is no chance to use them in the real world. The majority of people holding cryptocurrencies are doing so for arbitrage purposes rather than for their day-to-day use, with the main reason for this being that banks are very conservative in their dealings with crypto. Learn more about Paygine’s platform, and how it supports cryptocurrency transactions. 

4) Crypto Securities Regulations 101

In this presentation, Ryan Feit of SeedInvest explores the new crypto regulatory landscape, and the key regulatory landmines you need to look out for. Listen to this presentation to learn more about security exemptions, the blue sky problem, the 12(G) catch, and what he suggests the silver bullet might be. 

5) Forks, Spoons, and Knives: A Future of Competing Protocols and Networks

In this presentation, Meltem Demirors of Athena Capital looks at competition in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. With an abundance of financial capital, but a deficit in social and human capital, networks have to compete in one of four ways: investing in their competitors, merging with them, acquiring them or assassinating them. Is decentralization a myth? What is the difference between utilization and speculation, and which stage are we in today? All of this and more are covered in this presentation. 

6) The Road of Ripio and RCN – Financial Inclusion Through Blockchain Technology

Ripio is one of the leading blockchain companies in Latin America, with more than 200K users in Argentina, Brazil and Mexico. The company has become the leading promoter of financial inclusion in the region, offering payment and credit services for consumers, focusing on the 65% of the population in Latin America that is underbanked. Their latest project, RCN, aims to do just that by using blockchain and smart contracts. This case study is presented by Sebastian Serrano of Ripio Credit Network (RCN).

7) The Innovative Purpose, Approach and Structure of the Ecosystem Fund

In this presentation, John Licciardello of the Ecosystem Development Fund, gives an overview on the IOTA Foundation and how its “tangle” is a great alternative to the blockchain. According to some market forecasts, there will be 75 billion connected things in use by 2025. This is where distributed ledger technologies come into play. Blockchain can be slow and costly, but the IOTA tangle scales effectively. IOTA is more than a cryptocurrency – it is an open source and permissionless innovation. Listen to the presentation to learn more.

8) The Truth Machine

What’s driving the bubble-inducing speculative fervor for tokens and ICOs? In this presentation, Michael J. Casey of the Digital Currency Initiatives looks at the context surrounding blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies, and the underlying issue of trust. For a monetary system to work we need a covenant, or a relationship of trust. Blockchain allows us to discover shared truths, around which we can come to an agreement and enter into an economic exchange. Ultimately, blockchain is a shared record of the truth, a system by which we arrive at consensus in an ongoing, real time basis.

9) How to Launch an ICO 2.0

ICOs have raised over $6B in 2017, and the SEC is enforcing its rules with a wave of subpoenas. In this presentation, Howard Marks of StartEngine will explain how to use the JOBS ACT to raise capital for an ICO 2.0. This presentation includes the review of the rules and how they apply to companies and investors as well as the marketing best practices.

10) Disrupting Traditional VC: Digital Equity Securities on the Blockchain

In this presentation, Gregory Keough of Finova Financial shares his vision of the next-gen hybrid approach that he thinks will disrupt the traditional VC model. Listen to the presentation to learn why digital equity securities offer a fast-track to going public and an expanded investor pool; how the Jobs Act Regulations D and A+ could transform the ICO; and how digital equity securities can provide liquidity in a crowdfunding model.

Like what you heard? Make sure you attend LendIt Fintech Europe 2018 for more world-class content on blockchain, lending innovation, banking and more. Register today. 

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