Top Five Most Viewed Presentations at LendIt Fintech USA 2019

lendit fintech usa

LendIt Fintech USA blew the audience away at last month’s 2019 edition in San Francisco. The main stage was jam-packed with exciting content including these top five most-viewed videos:

5. Digital Banking for the Masses w. Steven Streit of Green Dot & Brandon Krieg of Stash

In this presentation, the CEOs of Green Dot and Stash discuss their recent partnership and how it is putting the money back in the consumers pocket. Hint: neither company focuses on fee revenue where the customer is penalized. Find out more about this business model by watching their discussion below.

4. The $700B Untapped Investment Segment w. Sallie Krawcheck of Ellevest

Sallie Krawcheck is the CEO of Ellevest and previously ran the wealth management operations for some of the largest Wall Street firms. In this presentation she talks about the underserved investor segment of women. Watch the video below to gain some interesting insights into how we have been socialized to think that if something is “for women” then it is inferior and likely just a marketing ploy, and how the industry could help women invest in a smarter way.

3. Three Fintech Questions That Matter in 2019 w. Renaud Laplanche of Upgrade

In this presentation, Renaud Laplanche, CEO of Upgrade, shares his three most important questions for fintech today. One, What banking products should Fintech focus on in 2019 and beyond? Two, What rebundling strategy is most effective for Fintech firms? And three, how to build a winning bank/fintech partnership in 2019? See his thoughts on these matters in the video below.

2. Finding your next Billion with Machine Learning w. Douglas Merrill of ZestFinance & Roger Hochschild of Discover

In this presentation, the CEO of Discover, Roger Hochschild, and the CEO of ZestFinance, Douglas Merrill, talk about bank-fintech partnerships and how machine learning is helping both banks and fintech companies expand their credit box to the previously underserved. Watch the video to see why they think these partnerships are so important.

1. Beyond the Hype – How Blockchain Changes Everything w. Mike Cagney of Figure

The number one most viewed presentation is this one by Mike Cagney, the CEO and Co-Founder of Figure. In it he explores the impact that the blockchain is going to have on securitization. Watch the video below to learn more about how Figure has been originating HELOCs on the blockchain.

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  1. Aditya says:

    I found the post by Doug & Roger about ML very interesting.

    In the current crisis, the relevant question being asked is, how is the model holding up by segments or cohorts of customer (especially in risk). So model monitoring and rule overlays is now more important than retraining the model, because performance data is still unstable.

    As example, segment by industry codes for risk default models since for example, Covid impacts transportation differently than high tech manufacturing.

    Also, decision management workflow automation and compliance is becoming important capabilities that banks need to have. Ability to rapidly refine strategies as environment shifts and then ‘learning’ from key post decision metrics like losses by segments will be critical agility requirements for banks.

    At Corridor Platforms we are deeply involved in decision management issues of these kinds with our platform. Learn more on our thought leadership views at:

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