French Fintech Report: Exclusive Insights from 11 Leaders in the French Fintech Marketplace

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french fintech report

The fintech marketplace in France is going through a period of rapid growth, having jumped by 300% between 2014 and 2016, and a further 184% in 2017. With President Macron championing the fintech industry, what’s next for the French fintech ecosystem?

We asked our contacts at some of the most exciting French fintech companies to share their perspective in our newly-released report. Contributors to the report include senior representatives from ClubFunding,, Early Metrics, Euratechnologies, Financement Participatif France, Finexkap, Hiive, Invyo, Kramer Levin, Lendix and MIPISE.

Download this 15-page report to learn more about…

  • Current state of French fintech
  • Biggest growth opportunities and challenges
  • Progress within the regulatory environment
  • Magnitude of the fintech startup scene
  • Biggest new fintech companies in the last 2 years
  • What makes French fintech unique

Download the report now.

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