Next Generation P2P Lending

Martin Macmillan

Moderator Jason Jones, of Lend Academy interviewed 3 leaders of groundbreaking startups that focus on very niche markets.

Martin MacMillan, of We offer short-term financing to bridge the gap that app developers face when they achieve early success but must have to weather 60+ day payment terms.

David Bradley-Ward, of Ablrate: We serve a very niche market by buying aircraft and leasing them to existing commercial airlines. At the end of 2013 there was a major deal which nearly fell through because our mezzanine level financier dropped out. This represented a 12%-15% return opportunity which we felt was a unique product. We focus predominantly on smaller planes with 10-70 seats.

Radoslav Albrecht, of Bitbond: We are basically Bitcoin + P2P. The concept is the same but we operate through Bitcoin to enable cross-border lending and there’s no restriction due to country origination. As long as you are credit worthy, which we verify, all you need is an Internet connection. For example we have a borrower from Kenya who couldn’t get a loan because he had no bank account. This is common and without financing from friends or family he would be out of luck. Through Bitbond, he was able to get the loan he needed via lenders from all over the world. This would not be possible without the power of Bitcoin.

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